Who is new heroine(Nogi Mariko) of Naked Director season2? Release date, story etc…

Season 2 of Netflix’s popular drama, “The Naked Director,”
is set to begin streaming on June 24!
For this new season, Yuri Tsunematsu has been selected as the new heroine/Nogi Mariko.

Tsunematsu Yuri Profile

Name: Tsunematsu Yuri (恒松祐里)
Birthdate: October 9, 1998.
Born: Tokyo
Zodiac Sign: Amuse, inc.,
Blood Type: B
Special skills: singing, dancing, Ballet, tea ceremony.

The start of her career as an actress was when she was 7.
Her parents worried about her shyness and decide her to take an audition to improve her shyness.

She passed auditions for two different agencies and started her career as an actress in Amuse.

 Since she was 7, she has taken more than 240 auditions for 10 years.

Her struggle to play the role of Nogi Mariko 

When she was offered the role of Nogi, she had a conflicted feeling
“I want to escape, but I don’t want to miss out on this role as well.”

She is still 22-year-old. As Nogi Mariko, there will be a lot of extreme erotic scenes in her role, and I think she had to be very prepared to play this role.

In the interview of Naked Director 2, she mentioned how she felt when she got the offer.

I was most worried about the love scenes. I didn’t mind taking my clothes off as long as it was necessary, but when I got married and had children, I really thought about how this work would affect me when I was no longer alone.

Naked Director season 2

Nogi Mariko / Tsunematsu Yuri

Former beauty consultant for a cosmetics company. She aspires to become an actress in admiration of Kuroki and becomes Muranishi’s new muse.

Story of Naked Director season 2

Muranishi stood at the top of the porn industry with the beginning of Heisei. He produced a large number of planning series (as porn), but they were far from the hit work “SM-like liking” created with Kaoru Kuroki, and stagnated. Kuroki longs for a work with Muranishi again, but Muranishi is just wandering, and gradually their relationship as a business partner became worse. At that time, Muranishi, who was recommended to enter the satellite broadcasting business, struggled to raise funds for his ambition to “drop erotic from the sky.” President Kawada, who has been having a hard time, became suspicious of Muranishi’s runaway and broke up their partnership with Muranishi. Muranishi launches a new company, “Diamond Video”, and starts promoting new actresses such as Mariko Nogi (Yuri Tsunematsu). Meanwhile, Toshi, who broke up with Muranishi in the previous season and became a yakuza under Furuya (Jun Kunimura), meets hostess Sayaka (Mariya Nishiuchi), a high-class club.

Tsunematsu Yuri’s Instagram


She has now 75,000 followers.
it seems that she doesn’t have so many followers yet as a famous actress.
throughout playing an important role in Naked Director 2,
I look forward that she would get more followers.


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