INI Member Profile: JP group produced by Korean TV show.


The South Korean series “PRODUCE 101” is an audition program in which viewers vote to select the debut member from among 101 trainees by a “national producer. The Japanese version of “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” was first aired in 2019, and the 11 trainees selected in the show debuted as JO1 in March 2020. In “SEASON 2,” the trainees will take on challenges such as position evaluation, group evaluation, and concept evaluation.

What does “INI” mean?

“INI” means connecting members(I) and you(I) with Network(N). 
We are connecting with each other throughout Network.
In 2021, they made their major debut.

INI Members Profile: Profli

MASAYA KIMURA: Leader and Center

INI official website

Name: Kimura Masaya(木村 柾谷)
Nick name: Kim(キム),Ma-kun(まーくん), Masaya-kun(まさやくん)
Birthdate: October 10, 1997
Age: 23 yo
Born: Aichi prefecture
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 175cm (5’9”)
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Final ranking: 1st 👑

– He was born in Aichi Prefecture(near Osaka), Japan.
– He was a contestant on Produce 101 Japan Season Two and was the center for the title song “Let Me Fly“.
– His special skills are dancing hip-hop and jazz. He started to dance in high school and went to a special school for dancing for 2 years.
-when he was in high school, he joined to National High School Dance Championship and won 2nd place.
-He is the second oldest in INI, other members call him Masa-nii(柾兄: Masa + brother). They really count on him.
– His hobbies are walking, playing, eating, and watching movies.
– His small pride is that he’s good at making cookies and sweet potatoes.
– He believes his strong point is his smile.
– His message for the national producers was that he will try his best to reach their expectations.
– He received 380,796 votes in the final episode and was chosen as the center of INI.

Takatsuka Hiromu 

INI official website

Name: Takatsuka Hiromu (高塚 大夢)
Birthdate: April 4, 1999.
Age: 22yo
Born: Tokyo
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 167cm(5’5”)
Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Final ranking: 2nd

-His special skills are his voice. He belonged to a cappella Team.
-He used to post videos in which he showed his beautiful voice on Youtube.
-He is a hard worker. He was totally a beginner at dancing so that he was struggling to dance badly during an audition.
-His hobby is taking good care of animals.
-He is good at playing guitar and voice percussion.
-He believes his strong point is, of course, his VOICE.
-He received 316,127 votes in the final episode and was chosen as 2nd place. 

Tashima Shogo 

INI official website

Name: Tashima Shogo (田島 将吾)
Nickname: Tazi (たじ)
Birthdate: October 13, 1998
Age: 22yo
Born: Tokyo
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 179cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: A

-HE is a former trainee of a famous Korean agency and has experience in performing in Japan as well.
-His powerful and ambitious dance is very fascinating.
– Not only are his moves sharp, but the way he uses his long arms and legs to express himself is breathtaking.
– His low-pitched raps and energetic performance may make you feel unapproachable, but when you talk to him, you can see his soft demeanor, soft smiles, and cute gestures.
-In terms of humanity, his sense of responsibility, his high awareness of the stage, and his kindness to his friends are also very appealing.
-His hobbies are walking, reading books, writing songs, watching drams and raps.
-He is good at dancing (HipHop, K-pop), Dram and raps.
-He received 282,323votes in the final episode and was chosen as 3rd place. 

 Fujimaki Ryosuke 

INI official website

Name: Fujimaki Ryosuke (藤牧 涼介)
Nick name: fujimaki-kun (藤牧くん)
Birthdate: August 10, 1999
Age: 21yo
Born: Nagano prefecture
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 168cm (5’6”)
Weight: 58kg (130 lbs)
Blood Type: A

-He was born in Nagano prefecture (the middle of Japan).
-In the past, he used to post singing songs on TikTok, he was doing it as his hobby.
-He has a crystal-clear voice and is highly praised by professionals.
-In Pudu, where both singing and dancing are required, members who receive high ratings mainly for their singing ability are often rated lower when dancing is combined, but they have received high ratings for their dancing as well, proving that they are capable of more than just singing.
-His hobbies are singing and sauna.
-He is good at singing and playing baseball.
-He received 276,068votes in the final episode and was chosen as 4th place.

Ozaki Takumi

INI official website

Name: Ozaki Takumi (尾崎匠海)
Nickname: Taku
Birthdate: June 14, 1999
Age: 22yo
Born: Osaka
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 173cm (5’8”)
Weight: 60kg ( 132 lbs)
Blood Type: O

-He used to work in the training unit of Alex Management.
-He went to a high school of “High School of Music” so that he can both sing and dance well.
-He has experience in theatrical performance as well.
-He belonged to the “Kansai Boys Project”(performing mainly in Kansai area link Osaka and Nagoya).
-Despite his reputation as a vocalist, he had the guts and challenging spirit to choose a rap position at the last minute.
-His mental strength is the best in the group. He supports the group mentally.
-His hobby is watching anime.
-He is good at singing ballade(narrative poetry, musical composition).
-He received 264,254votes in the final episode and was chosen as 5th place.

Nishi Hiroto

INI official website

Name: Nishi Hiroto (西洸人)
Birthdate:  June 1st, 1997
Age: 23
Born: Kagoshima prefecture
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 173cm(5’8”)
Weight: 64kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

-He was born in Kagoshima prefecture.
(south of Kyushu are which is placed south part of Japan)
-He is the oldest and the sexiest person in the group.
-He has worked as a backup dancer for famous Korean artists such as SHINee Taemin, an immensely popular K-pop idol.
-He has a cheerful and mischievous side and is a mood maker who enlivens the atmosphere of the INI members.
-He was playing soccer till the 2nd grade of junior high school and started dancing from the 2nd grade in a high school.
-His hobby is watching anime and playing games.
-He is good at playing soccer and football juggling.
-He received 259,628votes in the final episode and was chosen as 6th place. 

Matsuda Jin

INI official website

Name: Matsuda Jin (松田迅)
Nick name: MJ
Birth date: October 31, 2002
Age: 18yo
Born: Okinawa prefecture
Zodiac Sign:
Hight: 171cm(5’7”)
Weight: 51kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type: B

-He hasn’t had experiences of dancing and singing before this audition.
-He was 47th place as his ranking at the first announcement of rankings.
-People said his fan service is kind of perfect, he is a role model of idols.
-He got this position, not by his past achievements and career, but his effort during the audition.
-His hobbies are reading Manga(comics) and playing basketball.
-He is good at Rock music and imitation of Kudo Shinichi(Japanese anime” Detective Conan)
-He received 252,479 votes in the final episode and was chosen as 7th place.



Name: XU FENGFAN (許豊凡・シュウフェンファン)
Nick name: Soni(ソニ), Anthony(アンソニー), FENGFAN(フェンファン)
Birthdate: June 12, 1998
Age: 22yo
Born: China
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 176cm(5’9”)
Weight: 58kg (127 lbs)
Blood Type: A

-He is really strict by himself and uncompromising.
-He is a student of Keio University and is studying at the faculty of economics.
-He used to work at star backs as his part-time job.
-He appears in Japanese TV shows as a smart university student these days.
-His hobbies are enjoying arts, taking pictures, and Pokémon Battle.
-He can speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.
-He received 249,237 votes in the final episode and was chosen as 8th place.

Ikezaki Rihito

INI official website

Name: Ikezaki Rihito
Nickname: Rihi(りひ)
Birthdate: August 30, 2001
Age: 19yo
Born: Fukuoka prefecture
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 178cm(5’10”)
Weight: 63kg (149 lbs)
Blood Type: O

-He was born in Fukuoka prefecture.
(north of Kyushu are which is south part of Japan)
-His strength is his low-pitched rapping that sounds even better than his visuals. He got high praise from professionals.
-During the audition, he won first place in the handsome voice in the members chosen by the trainees.
-He was bad at dancing, fans named his dance “illegal dance”.


-His hobby is watching movies.
-He can play dram and guitar and also is good at drawing pictures.
-He received 249,021 votes in the final episode and was chosen as 9th place.

Sano Yudai

INI official website

Name: Sano Yudai (佐野雄大)
Birthdate: October 10, 2000
Age: 20yo
Born: Osaka
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 178cm(5’10”)
Weight: 58kg (127 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

-From the high school era, he was called “black prince” by his friends.
-His catch copy is “fluffy wolf”
-He is a beginner at singing and dancing, practiced very hard during this audition.
-He cried so much during the audition and struggled with a lack of confidence and lack of ability, but the tears made him grew up dramatically.
-His hobbies are playing games and DIY.
-He is good at imitating someone or famous people.
-He received 243,006 votes in the final episode and was chosen as 10th place.

Goto Takeru

INI official website

Name: Goto Takeru (後藤威尊)

Birthdate:  June 3, 1999
Born:  Osaka
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 176cm(5’9”)
Weight: 56kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

-He won the 1st prize in Mr. contest of Kansai Kaidai University.
-He was called “prince of cucumber(きゅうり王子)”.
Because he was eating cucumber in a 1-minute promotion video during the audition.
-He belonged to a dance club in high school and university.
-He went to the national championship in his high school days.
-His hobby is reading books.
-He is good at playing basketball, soccer, and Japanese drum.
-He received 239,150 votes in the final episode and was chosen as 11th place.

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